Lesson 1: What to expect

Module 1 Lesson 1: What to expect

Welcome to Building Without Barriers, the only highschool program for students interested in developing a better understanding of accessibility and how it applies to the study of technology. Once you have successfully completed this course, you will have earned an awareness certification to apply to your SHSM. 

There are 5 modules in this course, each with lessons that have instructions, videos, web links or worksheets for you to keep track of your thoughts and make some notes.

Please have:

  • a notebook and pen handy
  • a set of headphones to listen to videos and audio podcasts

As you go through each lesson, the “course curriculum” (on the left side of the page) will keep track of your progress.

At the end of each module, there will be a multiple choice quiz of between 5-10 questions. You must receive a 70% to pass each quiz and you get three chances. The curriculum also requires that you complete each video before moving on.

Throughout each lesson you will be provided with photos and stories from Julie’s experience of living with a disability. A big part of Julie's life involved the need for accessible transportation. Julie will share with you all the things she has learned about getting around with wheels.  

After you have completed the last module, you will have an assignment to complete and submit to earn your certification. You will be asked to work with a few other students to design or modify a mobility device for a client who has specific needs (for sport, for life on a farm or for life in a city). You will "pitch" your ideas to Julie and your class.