It's all about energy

It's all about energy conservation, personal energy, that is. Any change that can be made to reduce energy expended on an everyday task is energy that can be used to do something that you actually want to do.

Where was all that energy going when I was living in the old house?

  • applying and re-applying my brakes every time I wanted to stay in one spot - like to get something out of the fridge (so I wouldn't roll away on the sloping floor) or reach up to a shelf or brush my teeth and stay over the sink...
  • the 15 feet of ramp to get into the house from outside
  • the three mini-ramps that helped me negotiation all the different "levels" on the first floor
  • watching that I didn't roll off the edge of our sidewalk
  • reminding the people in my family that they couldn't leave stuff on the floor or shoes at the door because then I couldn't get around them

So yes, building with accessibility at top of mind will allow you to find energy you didn't even know you had in you.